ILLiad-L Listserve

ILLiad-L is a listserv for users of ILLiad, and for others interested in automating ILL and document delivery functions in a paper-free environment.

This listserv provides a forum for discussing ILLiad procedures and optimizing services. ILLiad-L's purpose is to help to improve automated ILL services and refine management methods in a paper-free interlibrary loan/document delivery environment.

ILLiad-L is an open, un-moderated, listserv discussion group provided as a service of the Interlibrary Loan Department in the University Libraries at Virginia Tech (VPI).

Sending Listserv commands

You interact with listserv by sending commands in the body of an e-mail.
Leave the subject line blank.

Commands and text shown below are NOT case sensitive. Upper case is used below only for clarity.

Send the e-mail containing your command to:


Subscribing to and signing off of ILLiad-L


In the body of the e-mail type

SUBSCRIBE ILLIAD-L YourFirstName YourLastName

Listserv will send you a message asking you to confirm your subscription request.

After you confirm your request, listserv will send you a message acknowledging your successful subscription, along with a message summarizing some basic listserv commands and functions. In addition, ILLiad-L will send you a welcome message that includes basic listserv commands. It will be helpful for you to save those messages for future reference.


Unsubscribing is called signing off by listserv. In the body of the e-mail type


Temporary mail stop

To suspend delivery of mail from ILLiad-L, for instance when you are on vacation, send the command


To resume delivery from ILLiad-L

SET ILLiad-L Mail

Other useful commands

To see a list of your ILLiad-L distribution settings:


To obain a list of ILLiad-L subscribers:


To see a list of all listserv commands, send the following command:

INFO refcard

ILLiad-L Archive

The ILLiad-L archive is available for reading and searching on the web at

The archive can also be searched by standard listserv search commands sent by e-mail to Some of the most useful commands are outlined below:

To see a list of all the archive files, send the following command:

To see a list of all messages containing particular keywords, send the following command:

SEARCH ILLiad_L keyword1 keyword2

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